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What We Do

What We Do

What is this?

Dakimakura  Dreams started as a small project that started in 2011 by two Southeast  Asian guys out in Vancouver, BC. It started out with us making some  dakimakuras with custom art for ourselves, because there wasn't that  great of a selection back then. We started selling them as a joke, but  to our surprise, they were pretty popular!

Custom Production

We're an artist circle that works with custom pillowcases, playing cards, metal work, sculptures, and plushies. If you want a custom product made, we're the guys to talk to.


We're essentially a group of nerds who like drawing / making dumb things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a custom dakimakura made?

For sure! We have two processes for custom dakimakuras: You can either  provide artwork to us (according to our specifications), or you can show  us what you want to make, and we can hand-pick one of our talented  artists to design your dakimakura! Please  note that we reserve the  right to reject certain custom images if it does not fit our guidelines,  or violates copyrights or trademarks. If you want to order a custom,  just message us, and we'll do our best to work things out with you. 

I've seen some of these images on eBay... Are these yours?

So let's get something straight. All of these images are commissioned by us, with us having the exclusive rights to sell them. If you've seen  these online anywhere else, they're likely to be a fake. The only way to  get the real deal is to buy them from us in person at a convention, or  from here. Unfortunately, when you make cool things, people steal them.  Such is life. We're not gonna hate on you if you've already bought a counterfeit, but we appreciate you supporting the original artists by buying from here.  

Less Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it taking so long for my order get to me? 


A: If it's not in stock, these guys are made to order. It takes about 4 days to make one of these (we work as as fast as we can), plus the ~8-12 days it takes to ship to anywhere in the world.  


Q: I have an idea for another custom thing I want to make, could you do it?  


A: Yeah! Just message me, and we can work something out to make your idea real!