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Sunshine Starlookout Jacket

$90.00 USD

I wonder what kind of events have led a young pony to be able to own her own lighthouse, or to open her own smoothie stand. Was Sunny just a spoilt child of a rich father? Then she even uses Nepotism of her Alicorn powers to sell her smoothies even harder. Wow. What a piece of work. She's definitely a good pony that just wants to do good for others.

Artist: Rabbitasaur
Photographer: Andrew Fullerton @ Pine Marten Photography
Model: Vela Aurelia

Model is a Medium sized human, but is shown wearing an Extra Large Jacket. It was very large on them, so we figured that we can show that jackets can be comfy blankets too. A weird Snuggie. Maybe Snuggies are actually Jackets that we're just wearing wrong.

Jackets are sized to be slightly oversized, meaning that Medium Jackets can fit Large shirt wearing humans.